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All Star Paws Dog Training understands the strain that dog separation anxiety can put on the relationship between a dog and dog owner. If you are frustrated or feel limited because of your dog's dog separation anxiety, let us help. We are one of a few Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers worldwide using a ground breaking protocol to help dogs all over Basking Ridge, NJ and all over the world work through separation anxiety and improve their relationships with their owners.

If you have noticed that your dog becomes increasingly distressed when you are not home, or acts destructive and disruptive with other animals while you are away, it is easy to think that this is only due to poor training. However, it is possibly more likely a case of dog separation anxiety. Call for a dog separation anxiety consultation with All Star Paws Dog Trainer JennaLee Gallicchio and let her help you with your dog's separation anxiety in a positive and lasting way.

Some common signs of dog separation anxiety is vocalization, peeing and pooping while you are away, extreme crate distress. Others signs of dog separation anxiety can include your dog becoming agitated, anxious or depressed whenever you prepare to leave. This can leave you feeling guilty and trapped. Our goal is to show your dog that being left home alone can be enjoyable and to assuage that anxiety. Understanding and addressing the causes of your dog's separation anxiety is the best way to help change those destructive behaviors.

If your dog is struggling with dog separation anxiety, let our trainer help with a proven, step-by-step protocol that will help your dog learn the best ways to handle anxiety and being left alone. You don't have to live with you dog's anxious, destructive behaviors.

Contact us today to learn more about how to work through your dog's separation anxiety and our solutions or to schedule a session with our trainer.

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